Asking skin and hair products

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    Asking skin and hair products

    Have you used ZIRH skin products before? Is it good?
    Where do I get them in Hong Kong and how much?
    Do you recommand some other brands for me?

    And what is the best hair gel prosucts you are using?
    Where do you get them and How $ ?

    Thanks so much.

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    I'm a hairstylist myself and I think
    for hairpruducts it depends on what you need for your type of hair and what effect you want to get. for further informations it's always good to visit a salon so they are able to see your hair and can help you with your choice of products.
    If you need any further help I'd be happy to assist you.
    You can also come for checking out the products we have in the salon ( the hairdressers, Central ) or send me a PM

    take care

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    Plain and simple, this is SPAM

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    zirh products


    check out
    They have all the major skincare brands, including zirh. Because they are hong kong based they give you an extra 10% discount, on already the best prices I have seen. No shipping costs (all over the world). I used them already before I moved to Hong Kong and I am really satisfied. They give you extra discounts (up to 12,5%) for recurring orders. And an extra 5% for ordering 3 or more products.