Hi, I just moved to Hong Kong this past weekend and currently living in a hotel. Oh fun! I was thinking I would like to find a flatmate due to the fact that I will be traveling 50-60% of my time in HK and it would be nice to possibility join forces with someone to get a larger living area, split some utilites, and avoid the renting fee if possible.
I am 27 and pretty laid back. I am pretty social yet respectful others space and all that other stuff that looks good in a roommate ad. I don't want to spend more than 11,000 to share but think I could be flexible depending on the space. Right now I am thinking that I would like to live in the midlevels cause it seems if you are going to live in HK you might as well be right in it. But I guess I am flexible on that as well. Fire over a PM if you have a place that needs to be filled or you would like to find a place together? Perhaps getting a drink and chatting it up would also be in order. Let me know!