Divorce lawyer needed for quick international divorce

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    Divorce lawyer needed for quick international divorce

    Hello, my first post...and not on a bright note either.

    I need a divorce lawyer to handle a international divorce case. Will be uncontested, separation agreement in place (assets legally split etc already), need quick divorce.

    Soon to be ex-wife overseas.

    Does anyone know of a decent lawyer who is affordable, reliable and quick?

    Many many thanks

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    Drop Susan Liang a line. She does uncontested divorces. We've used her for commercial work and have had a couple of folks from GeoExpat use her for divorces.

    Unfortunately her website seems to be down. ( www.speedysue.com - Yep .. cheesy name.. but good lawyer)

    She can be reached on [email protected]

    Her fees can be found here ( http://webcache.googleusercontent.co...www.google.com ) and I'mm not sure if they're current.

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