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HK car in Shenzhen?

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    Jaykay, read this article in the Washington Post:

    Germany seizes on big business in China

    The Germany car companies depends on China more than you think.

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    Sai Kung

    I read it ages ago. It states they are pushing more on China market but doesn't state the whole industry would collapse if they weren't there. Most of it is in relation to the brand sold there. Still doesn't detract from the fact that most German branded cars sold in China are built there using locally sourced parts. ROI on these factories is usually 10-20 years, although economic growth and buying patterns can change that.

    Seems the statements yesterday that the China market is saving the arses of the German motor industry (no mention of Merkel and her intervention) is now being watered down to there is some dependence. Huge difference.
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