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    Venture photography

    Hi all. I'm new to this forum and just wanted to see if anyone here has been to Venture photos. I just bought a voucher for a one-hour session and a 7X5 photo for $500. But I searched around on some UK forums and the prices for later photos are crazily high!
    Has anyone been to the studio in HK? How much did you guys pay for the prints?
    Thanks a bunch!

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    It's hard sell once they have you in the studio. They take some great photos - I did it in the UK and spent GBP 1,200 on 4 photos.

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    It's cheaper to buy a copy of Photoshop and do it yourself! The prices are, ermm, interesting.

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    Actually, if you can walk away with the $500 7x5 print and not get tempted into other stuff, it is a pretty decent deal.

    We've seen the session and its is really fun.

    The cost for additional prints is, to be honest (even though they have been an advertiser here and continue to support us) is pretty high for someone who just wants some cute shots of their kids.

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    ceci, I can be your photograher I like photograhy and I'm always happy with the photo i took...

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    i went to one of these in the UK for a family photo... quite funky photos but i didn't like the whole setup. it's a very hard sell, they get you in a room with a slideshow, any you don't buy there and then are deleted forever, and they're not cheap. and the photo print is quite shoddy quality.
    just hire a local photographer, ask for a white screen or studio, wear black or white or pink and jump around making a fool of yourselves! same effect
    (btw I've not been to Venture in HK, might be completely different here!)

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    Hi, just had a venture session in the UK with my 2 year old. we were sent a free £125GBP voucher which covers the session and the little 7x5inch pic...

    the session was a lot of fun but just knew by going into the studio was going to be expensive.. on our way out the door after arranging the preview visit - the photograher gave me the price list...expensive just isn't the word...

    there's no way I can justify paying those kind of prices regardless of the fact that they do have price plans...there's just no way I'm paying £600 upwards regardless of how good the pic might be...even the tiny pics at £75-145GBP aren't worth that....