Is this A Civilised Action?

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    Is this A Civilised Action?

    I read this news from link at other thread.

    After read it, so many questions play in my mind.

    To save more people, can we kill somebody?

    If we can't, who should? And who will give them the permission to kill?

    Is this a legal and civilised action?

    If a legal action, why they have to used mafia? Not by themselve?

    How many people being kill? Since when? Who? etc...

    If illegal, what will they do to show their apology? What are their future actions or promises?

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    I'm sure people will say it's fine because Castro 'is such a bad guy'. Then they'll say they have insider perspective into what day-to-day life in Cuba is like because they've talked to a cuban who moved to the US.

    Fidel is not as bad as most paint him to be. He's no angel, but who is? If he 'deserves' to get killed, so do a hell of a lot of other leaders, including ole' Dubya.

    It's an organization of the selfish and self-righteous who go around thinking they can shape the world to their ideals and screw the consequences. People get hurt, well, that's collateral damage.

    Nationalism is a disease.