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Barbecuing in Hong Kong

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    Barbecuing in Hong Kong

    Hi all,

    Does any one know if the BBQ pits at Big Wave Bay come with grills to put the food on or are they just open pits where one cooks the food on skewers? I've never grilled in HK before, but have heard that there are some differences in styles.

    Thanks in advance.

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    locals don't generally grill. they all sit around in 33C around a roaring fire, with their bbq forks and their chicken wing and pork chop precariously stuck on... takes them all day to eat a meal and they must lose 10kg from all of the sweating the do (or maybe it "adds some salt" to their meal?)

    as for the bbq pits you are talking about, sorry, i have no idea.

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    I'm pretty sure the BBQ's have grills (never actually BBQ'd there, but passed by the pits on the way up the hill). Note that there are 2 BBQ areas at Big Wave Bay - a smaller one in the 'Picnic Area' before the beach (around 5 pits) and the larger one on the beach (around 20 pits).

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    Just to let you know what was there: We went to the pits at the 'Picnic Area.' There were about 6 pits there. We ended up putting the coals on top of the grill provided and then jury-rigged a "grill" to put over the coals with the mesh grills they sell at the stores. FYI there are lights that go on when it gets dark.