No Privacy or Image Rights in Hong Kong?

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    No Privacy or Image Rights in Hong Kong?

    I used to participate in piano lessons with my ex-piano-teacher.

    One day he started capturing videos during my session. I was very upset with his decision to film me during my session but he insisted.

    I explicitly told him that he may record the session as long as he will NOT upload these videos onto the internet for whatever purpose. He quickly agreed and I didn't think much of it afterwards.

    However, recently I found out he posted my videos on youtube for advertising his piano lessons.

    I told him he is violating my privacy rights and image rights, but he laughed at me and said there are no such rights in Hong Kong.

    Would someone please help me confirm this? or redirect me to somewhere where I can research on these rights in Hong Kong?

    I don't want to look for a lawyer at this stage since it gets expensive really quick...

    If anyone has any experience in this area, could you please advise me what on what to do?

    Thank you so much for your time.

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    Not too sure about the technicalities of the copyright laws or the privacy ordinance, but here goes...

    1) You may have some grounds in terms of the copyrights to the performance. Your tutor cannot freely broadcast the materials without permission from you, if it can be determined that you own the copyright (there are tons of loopholes)

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    Also, next time he is at the old keyboard tinkling the ivories, slam the cover down on his fingers and take him out of the piano game for good ;-)

    him: "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgh"
    you: "whoops, sorry, it slipped..."

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    First, you have to ask yourself why you're angry with that guy. Are you angry because he betrayed your trust? Or are you angry that your video is being shown on youtube? Then ask yourself whether or not it's worth your time and effort to deal with that guy.

    I know sometimes people do things that piss you off, and the first thing that comes across your mind is to hand them out an ass whooping or at least to get justice. But sometimes it's better to just walk away instead of fighting for principal. Because sometimes even if you win, you'll still end up losing, sure you may feel good for awhile after it but at the end you still lost because you've wasted so much time and energy focusing on it instead of doing what you should be doing and being happy.

    So just calm down for awhile, get past your inital rage and think about how that is really affecting you and then consider whether or not it's worth your time dealing with that asshole.

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    Tsuen Wan

    Contact youtube informing them of copyright infringement.

    They will side with you and have the content removed. Doesn't solve much ...but hey, it's something.