Foodie needs help

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    Archie B's has good comfort food. Their Taco Loco food is not good though. Have been hugely dissappointed trying to find TexMex or Mexican food in HK.

    The pizza at Bacar is fantastic and reasonable.

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    Sham Tseng

    You can buy frozen Forever bagels at Great etc and a few Wellcomes and make your own. Bagel place in Soho was quite authentic but it moved.

    The Gold Coast Hotel does good cheeseburgers.

    I like the Pizza at Pizza Express.

    I do like a good Ebeneezers kebab/shawarma. Beirut is quite pricey and at the other end of the scale as a result but was really good.

    Jashan is great Indian - probably our favourite restaurant here.

    Olivers Super Sandwhiches is a good lunch option.

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