Good tailor needed for altering dress

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    Good tailor needed for altering dress

    I needed help here... I need a tailor who is good and they help altering your jeans, dress and skirt... I am saying in Mid-Level. I notice there are Tailor shop in Wellington street, but they do custom made suit...

    Anyone, any information ?

    Many thankssssssssssssssss

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    I have used Golden Peak Tailor in world Wide House (De Voeux Road) 2nd floor. You go up the escalator and the shop is straight ahead and slightly to right.
    I've used them for making jackets, suits and altering skirts. trousers, jackets, etc

    Happy with all work they've done and seem to be competitive price. There are lots of tailors in the building so you can ask around if you not happy with price.
    Hope this helps