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    Angry Owtel

    Does anyone know how to actually get Owtel to stop phoning someone? My ex-helper (dismissed for dishonesty and hopefully back in the Philippines) owed them money and left my phone number as a contact. They want me to fax her dismissal letter to them (I don't have a fax, and don't see why I should anyway.) Is there any ombudsman or a police harrassment division that I can contact to stop them constantly calling ME to get my dishonest helper's bill paid.

    Any help would be most appreciated. They are all sweet and nice when I call or they call me and promise it will NEVER happen again, and it does about 5 hours later, almost daily for weeks. Aaaggghhhh!

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    Sally - they're scum. Just go here ..

    And file a telephone nuisance complaint.

    Our problem was solved in 30 minutes - the police called them and asked them to stop.

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    Sally we faxed over a letter and the calls continued. Best to call the police.

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    I'm also getting phone calls about my dismissed helper's unpaid bill and also don't feel like sending them a dismissal letter.

    Usually when they call I just hand the phone to my two year old son and he loves chatting with them! Hopefully that will make them go crazy!

    I was starting to think about sending the letter, but since Rani sent them one and calls didn't stop I won't do it at all. Will try the police and see how it goes.

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    I originally posted a request for information about how to stop Owtel phoning about an ex-helper's unpaid bill. I have to thank the person who suggested I got in touch with the police. Wonderful, more calls. I can't recommend it too much. I filled in an online form detailing the harassment I had received, I received one call from the police to check information, and then, voila, no more calls. Thanks for this suggestion.


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