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Calling all book lover

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    Calling all book lover

    Yushihouse English book club

    8th meeting: BAD SCIENCE by Ben Goldacre

    12/11 (Sat) 4 pm

    99 Caine Road, Shop J

    'Unmissable! Laying about himself in a froth of entirely justified indignation, Goldacre slams the mountebanks and bullshitters who misuse science. Few escape: drug companies, self-styled nutritionists, deluded researchers and journalists all get thoroughly duffed up. It is enormously enjoyable.' -The Times (Book of the Year)

    moderator: DAVID BIDDLECOMBE

    Remember, finishing the book is preferred but NOT required. Thus, you will have something to contribute whether you finish the book or not. You are free to just come and listen!

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    Will Ben Goldacre be in Hong Kong?

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    Unfortunately Ben Goldacre won't actually be there, whilst tempted by the prospect of flying all the way to Hong Kong to meet half a dozen people who had read his book, he was unfortunately busy writing for the Guardian, investigating wrongdoing and attending international conferences. We even offered to throw in a cup of Chinese tea and a biscuit but he wasn't having it, the bastard!

    Also, I spoke to Dave and whilst he pointed out that describing what he would be doing as 'moderating' was perhaps a rather grandiose term, he was reading the book and would endeavour to step into the shoes normally filled by Catherine and have a chat about it with whoever turned up given that he was the muggins who chose the book this time.

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    Dear drumbrake, dear dipper, thank you for the interesting discussion. You both talkative people can make a lot of contributions during the book club meeting. See you.