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    Hello Louise,
    I am also searching for the welsh society in HK-did you manage to find it as the wesite is not working?

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    Not yet - I'll let you know if I hear anything

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    Hi Louise,
    I am still searching for information for you. I hope to get back to you soon.

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    [QUOTE=Lammarite;177124]Where's Boris when you need him? Is Wales even a country?

    Have just seen this pop up. So put me on the mailing list my countrymen/women/persons.

    If having dinner suggest Lamma as a main course.

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    Bore da

    My 24 year old son is moving to HK in April / May so I have appointed myself as a researcher.

    How do you guys manage to wtch Rugby over there like Regional r Internationals.

    Can Sky handle that or given the time difference are there bars that show relays?

    He was Treasurer Chairman / evrything else in Warwick Uni. Welsh Soc. although I suspect tht was a drinking club, but hey yours could be the same

    Any feedback appreciated.

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    The Six Nations is widely shown. European, Heineken Cup and Premiership stuff is a bit hit and miss, but Eurosport has quite a lot of it. There are a few rugby pubs around - one such being The Cannyman in Wanchai (albeit that the theme is Scottish, but they have all the sports feeds available here and are home to one of the local social rugby teams).