Looking for Electrical Engineer/Electrician

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    Looking for Electrical Engineer/Electrician

    Hi All,

    My husband and I are looking for someone who can help us with an electrical problem. We have just renovated our flat and our contractor said we could bring an oven and clothes dryer over from North America and he would have no problem hooking them up to use here. Well - problem - and now he has just told us he can't do it and we are sitting with two applicances that don't work.

    We need advice about what we can do to get these two applicances hooked up and working. If anyone has brought these appliances over from NA to HK and hooked them up PLEASE IM me or post a response. I was hoping an Eletrical Engineer might be able to tell us how to convert the power.

    Please, please, please help!


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    In general terms for these types of items you CANNOT use them if they are 100v. That is because of current draw, whereby a transformer would have to be HUGE to allow so much current.

    HOWEVER - Your oven should be 220v - Most US houses have a heavy duty circuit for the oven as 110v is very "Gay" for manly appliances like ovens.

    If is is 220v then its OK for here. Look at the spec sticker on the appliance and let me know what it says.

    The Dryer is another matter - Bad news is its scrap. Good news is they are so cheap here new and also you can probably pick up one from the many Expat house sales that are advertised on Geoexpat. ALSO its so hot here I think you will quickly discover you don't need one !!!

    FYI TECHI NERD Info - The US grid runs at 220v ( cos its more efficient) then splits into two 110v circuits at the consumer level . Blame your problems on Eisenhower. It was a political decision in his era.