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    Angry Rubbish!

    Hi all.

    I'm living in a building where the rubbish is thrown down a refuse chute at night and it's really really noisy. Yes, wish I'd known before I bought!

    I asked the management if the contractors could do it in the morning, when most people have gone to work, but they told me they need to clear away the food from dinner time.

    I have also suggested they use the lifts - there is no service lift as such but I think residents would be happy for them to use the public lifts than deal with the noise for 2 hours!

    I've also suggested residents put their 'noisy' rubbish e.g. bottles where they are meant to go - in the recycling units outside - but I guess people are lazy.

    What other solutions are there apart from ear-plugs?!


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    hong kong

    Your building should have a residents committee and this is some thing that should be brought to them. They will then provide the case to building management, having, you might hope, taken a poll from the residents they represent.