HELP! Car Body Shop Repair

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    Question HELP! Car Body Shop Repair

    Can someone please recommend a car body shop repair place on HK Island. Only had the darn car 6 weeks and already got a ding. Husband not terribly impressed (understatement). Pulling out of a car parking spot when a child broke away from his helper and I broke and moved the steering to the left slightly and ended up going into a metal pole that collects the shopping trolleys. I hadn't even got out of the parking spot I was in and it tore the side bumper off the car, some paint damage and ding in the door. Jeez, the car crumbled like paper, I couldn't believe it.

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    You could try Tai Yip motors on 56 Bonham Road. 2549 5091

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    You could try Andy-62793687. He is UK trained.

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    English owner .. not sure if that means inflated gweilo rates x 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by supermama:
    You could try Andy-62793687. He is UK trained.
    Andy is a western, you can check this out---
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    Thank you all so much. I will check them out and get a couple of quotes.

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    If you want somewhere close, we've used a garage in Tin Wan for servicing and they may also do body shop.

    Tin Wan Auto Service
    Just below Tin Wan Close,
    Tel: 2873 6150

    The guy speaks a bit of English

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    If you are prepared to travel you might get it a lot cheaper in the New Territories. Loads of body shops surrounding Yuen Long.

    For comparison, a friend of mine reversed into a lamppost with some damage to the rear bumper and boot of the car. Cost around $2,400 to repair and respray.

    Of course added hassle of treking to and from (twice) NT.