Christmas Recipe

1/2 cup of Hugs
4 teaspoons Kisses
1 cup of Holiday Cheer
1/2 cup of Peace on Earth
3 teaspoon of Christmas Cheer
2 cups of Goodwill Towards Men
4 cups of Love, 1 Sprig of Mistletoe
1 large bag of Christmas Snowflakes

Mix Hugs, Kisses, Smiles, and Love.

Blend in Holiday Cheer, Peace on Earth, Christmas Spirit and Goodwill Toward Men.

Use the mixture to fill a large, warm heart where
it can be stored for a lifetime, for it never goes bad!

Serve as desired under Mistletoe, sprinkle liberally with Christmas Snowflakes.

It is especially good when accompanied by Christmas carols and family get-together.

Serve to one and all!

May God keep you in His loving arms and I pray Jesus walks beside you as you walk the pathway God has placed you on.

And I pray the Holy Spirit fills you with the Wisdom and the Knowledge to complete all God has placed on your plate each day.