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    Hey i just moved to HK, and currently using an internet cafe everyday. I have a notebook with a built in ethernet adapter made in the United States. I am wondering if their are any broadband/dsl/cable providers that are really fast out there and how much does it cost around. And can I use the current adapter or would i have to buy a new one? I also have a PCMIA slot.

    Kevin Wong.

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    First, try using the search function of this forum if you have the time as it will explain a lot of background information on the carriers, good bad, etc.

    Second, walk the streets of MongKok or Causeway Bay and you'll come across dozens of kids selling different services. It really depends on what you need (cable, tv, phone?).

    Third: Watch out for long term contracts. Most providers lock you in for a year or more. May not fit your situation.

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    A good thread to start

    On the technical side, you'll get an ethernet connecton from the DSL/ADSL/Cable modem. A couple of providers have always on connections and the rest have PPPoE (which is built into XP). If you don't have XP most of the providers will give you a dialer. Bottom line .. if you have an ethernet adapter, you don't need anything else.

    A word of caution. The Hong Kong ISPs are pretty bad when it comes to monitoring their networks and you'll be inundated by all sorts of attacks. Make sure you have a firewall (hardware in the form of a router or software) before you connect to the broadband network.