Hey all,

I enjoy photography, specifically documentary/street photography, but only as a hobby (ie I'm not very good but enjoy doing it anyway.) I like being there when stuff happens.

I was in a pretty small city previously so it was easy to get a pulse on what was going on, otherwise no one would show up to any of the gatherings!

So my question is, where or how do you keep up with newsworthy events before/while they happen here?
Basic things like protests, gatherings, festivals, etc. It's easy to follow these things the day after they show up on the news but I'd rather to be there live. I find it annoying when I find out that I missed something that happened a 5min MTR ride away from where ever I was the day before.

So things like who to follow on twitter, what sites to visit, and so on? I'm already subscribing to some RSS feeds but would appreciate any additional sources