Minibus Safety

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    Minibus Safety

    If you have lived in Hong Kong for a while, you probably have rode a minibus at least once. Better than a thrill ride at Ocean Park?

    I do not think I need tell anyone a minibus (red or green roof) are dangerous.

    Most drivers are in a hurry, since time and trips are their income. Some drivers will not wait for you to sit down before moving off, most drive over the speed limit, run red lights, and a few even fail to stop to let passengers off other than posted stops.

    The 54 bus from Kennedy Town to Central piers is a case in point. I usually ride it on business trips between outer Islands, and Kennedy Town, and almost every time the bus exceed 70klm on busy streets, has failed to stop to let riders off, and has run red lights more than a few times.

    I do not like using the minibus in Hong Kong, but it is cheaper than taxi: and maybe not even a taxi is safe.

    So if you use minibus service, be alert, fasten safety belt if available, and hold on for dear life.

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    just so you know, green minibus drivers' incomes DO NOT decrease if there is a decrease in trips/passengers. my father-in-law drove one for many years. he is one of the safest drivers i've ever met.

    but i do agree that the red minibuses are accidents waiting to happen!

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    Call them and complain.

    54 - Operator
    Central Maxicab Limited
    Hotline (Office Hours)
    2840 0201

    Or call the Transport Department and complain...

    Have never felt unsafe on the mini buses I take ... 69X, 28, 8 (ok.. this one speeds sometimes)

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    If you have the licensee # - the operator# and where the infraction took place (like speeding on what Road from where to where), also you need the date and time but suggest that you have description of the driver and inside/outside of the minibus

    Then, you can lodge a complaint with the Hong Kong Traffic police....but be prepared to give a statement in an interview - and if necessary go to court .... most people are not willing or simply do not have the time to go through the process.

    Traffic Hong Kong Island
    2524 8733 2234 9860
    28, Shau Kei Wan Road, Hong Kong

    Traffic Kowloon East
    2754 7668 2750 4456
    2, Siu Yip Street, Ngau Tau Kok, Kowloon

    Traffic Kowloon West
    2380 6052 2789 3761
    8 Wai Wan Lane, Hung Hom, Kowloon

    Traffic New Territories South
    2490 5581 2415 4705
    Ground Floor, New Territories South Regional Police Headquarters, No. 8, Shing Mun Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T.

    Traffic New Territories North
    2677 6299 2669 1370
    Fanling Roundabout, Sha Tau Kok Road, Fanling, New Territories

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    i would agree that the greens are relatively safe, as they are usually slow moving and stop often. Its the red ones that load up at one end and race to the other end that are the of the worst is the Jordan-Yuen Long red...had drivers on the pre-widened and straightened Castle Peak Road driving with one hand because they had to hold on from taking curves too fast!! i didn't know whether to laugh of cry!

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    the green ones are much safer as they get a fixed salary regardless of how many trips they do. The red ones need to make as many trips they can possible in one day, these buggers are the worst, they will cut u off, run through red lights, i have seen some stop at red lights and then when there are no cars crossing, they will start off and go and not wait for it to change.

    some of the red drivers have even changed their own seats into the racing type bucket seats, not these guys u really have to worry about.

    sooner or later i bet some of them will even start to wear helmets at night when they race to get to there destination. Now that would be either very funny or very scary.

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    Take a normal double-decker bus out to Tuen Mun from Wan Chai; you'll find they drive pretty much the same way as a red minibus.