did you lose weight in hk?

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    did you lose weight in hk?

    ok, i was born and raised in hk, but i came to the us for education since i was 16. so, when i was 16, i was arond 6'1 (186cm) and 160 lbs. i guess the food was so bad in my boarding high school that i remained skinny throughout my hs years. but things started going downhill and my weight started going uphill in college.

    now i'm 24 and just got my master degree. still around 6'1 (186cm) but 200 lbs!

    ok, i'm heading back to hk for good in two days.
    i'm guessing it's the food (i like all the junk american food) in the us that's made me fat. did you actually lose weight when you came to hk?

    also, where can i get the junk american food/snacks in hk?

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    I actually gained weight in HK. So much good food and so cheap to eat out (compared to Canada anyway)... its hard to stick to any sort of diet, lol. Maybe in the summer when its really hot, but right now... not a chance!

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    Ya, I guess it depends on your taste in food.
    You can get all the american junk food at Olivers in Princes Building.
    You can also try City Super in IFC but I don't know if it's got as much...
    Archie B's near Staunton has some decent crap food, as does that area with the popular Dukes Burger etc:
    Cru has the best curly fries in town.
    Jaspas has great cakes and pies.

    Take care though, because the yummy american junk foods that you like are leaving nasty deposits on your arteries... I'm no specialist but I've heard that shitake mushrooms, walnuts and dark green vegetable are among the top ten cholesterol cutters. Mix that in with your junk food diet and you're set!

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    [QUOTE=Sino Defender;197456]
    now i'm 24 and just got my master degree. still around 6'1 (186cm) but 200 lbs!

    I think it is the Master Degree who made you fat

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    I dropped weight in HK. We eat about the same type of food we were eating in the US, so it is the walking on the commute that did it.
    In the US the walk was from the kitchen to the (attached) garage and from the parking lot to the office, plus the reverse. My walk to the KCR is longer than that.
    And on your junk food, there are a bunch of McDonalds, in addition to what luxelush mentioned.

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    Fistly welcome back to HK! As many people have noted on this thread HK is a food-lover's paradise - so many good restaurants and cuisines to try out. As always with weight loss moderation is key - don't overdo the 'naughty' foods and try to get some exercise (hard I know when everything is so busy here). However, this being said - I'm a little confused about your post...you say that you think it's the American junk food that has made you overweight and yet you want to know where you can buy them in HK??? Obviously none of my business but if you want to take off a few pounds then I'd avoid those items for a while. As it is none of my business I can reccommend that you look in some of the 'westernized' food stores for such treats - i.e. Olivers, Great, CitySuper etc. Good luck with the weight - I know it can be really tough loosing those extra pounds!

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    I have lost around 12 Kg in HK in a tad under two years. Admittedly I was overweight when I arrived and cutting out dairy foods, the stress of divorce and working out 5 times a week at the gym have helped. Staying off the beer also helps as does not having any food in the house!

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    Eating late and eating out and it being too hot to do much outside and not having my dog and being a bit depressed after I first arrived caused me to expand rapidly but 16 sessions over 8 weeks with a personal trainer sorted that out and now we have a more stable life and eat out alot less so things are better. If you like gyms you will be ok, if you like to be outside but can't handle the heat you might have a problem. If you live in central you will walk heaps though. Good luck!

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    of coz yr diet is primarily a factor;
    but don't leave out the stress from long working hours/ competition as that definitely could cause yr greater desire in food in-take, esp sweeties; also the tireness drives out yr motivation in participating exercises
    and not the least is yr resistance to attarctions/night activities, therefore, the sleeping habit as that affects very much your internal system and metabolism.

    1) struggle for a daily 30min exercise, simply walking can do
    2) drink enough WATER, not chocolate, coffee or starbucks
    3) hv regular sleep if you can

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    I lost weight at first due to the hot weather (I arrived in mid summer), stress and 'night activities'. Put it all back on (unfortunately) once winter came, the stress issues disappeared and I settled in.