black man seeks a barber

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    sorry to hi-jack

    i'm not really after a hair cut, although most would think i could do with one, i'm more after getting my hair braided.

    any suggestions? I've been thinking about heading to CWB over the weekend and asking some of the indo's if they will do it, but this has been an 8 month long thought.

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    hey black man - did you solve your hair crisis?

    Not sure how I managed to stumble across this old thread. I am writing from Blighty, a UK blackwoman planning to work in Shanghai for 6 months from August. I hope I'll get out to HK to visit an old friend. So far my luggage is about 50% hair products for myself and 11 year old daughter! Cant help with fades but I am pretty good at braiding......and I am curious to know whether there are any black hairdressers in Shanghai/HK

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