Desperate to get on a piano!

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    Red face Desperate to get on a piano!


    I've just moved here for my "gap year" before I start university back in Australia. I love playing the piano, the only problem is, I don't have a piano I can play on. I've brought in some music books into piano stores to play standing up afew times, manage to play for quite awhile without getting chased off, but that isen't really ideal....

    I recived my AMEB grade 8 piano certificate when i was in grade 9, and am willing to make a deal to exchange lessons for practicing on a piano.

    please help if you have any suggestions also!!

    my email is [email protected]



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    If push comes to shove...

    LCSD has music rooms you can rent.

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    Google results: music practice room - Google Search

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    You can rent a piano for one year.
    Canada Piano (Happy Valley) can propose you great deals for around 300 dollars per month.

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    some estates have club houses with pianos . if you want to know which one PM me : )

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    tung chung


    you can rent time in sardine-sized piano rooms on just about every block on HK island and Kowloon.

    The pianos are generally abysmal but they are cheap.

    renting your own piano is pretty cheap, put down deposit, pay for the move and the monthly is usually pretty good.

    Be careful with Pearl River, the quality can run the gamut, but yamaha, a bit more expensive, is consistently good. Kawai is very good this year, at least the models that were shipped to the states, as opposed to years past when Kawai was inferior. Avoid other Korean pianos, they are generally inferior.

    here's a tip for the meantime: Tom Lee sometimes has glass rooms with the really expensive pianos and you can shut the door. They generally don't bother you in there, but if you practice for three hours you will probably get feedback.

    good luck