Go purple this month.

March is Epilepsy Awareness Month and Hong Kong charity group, Enlighten–Action for Epilepsy, is launching their “Paint the Town Purple” campaign, as lavender is the universal color associated with Epilepsy.

The campaign aims to eliminate misconceptions and provide educated perspectives about epilepsy. The group will also teach first aid procedures in the event of a seizure or to help those affected by a seizure.

Additionally, Enlighten has organized a range of activities and promotions to be featured various shops and venues throughout the city in celebration of Epilepsy Awareness Month.

Here is just a small sampling of the events taking place:

Purple Margaritas at Caramba and Coyote, Purple Passion cocktails at Grand Central, and more purple cocktail specials from Enoteca and Cicada.

Purple trivia nights. Visit The Globe (Mar 12) or McSorley’s (Mar 27) and they will donate 100% of your entry fee to Enlighten.

Wear purple when dining or drinking at Champs Bar anytime during the month to qualify for special discounts.

For the full list of events and to find out more information, check out the Paint the Town Purple Campaign website.