As I am about to take up a new assignment in Goungzhou but don't want to give up my week-end English teaching job in Hong Kong, I am looking for the possiblity of renting a room for every Saturday and maybe Friday too.

My HK classes are on Saturdays and Sundays; so I plan to travel from Goungzhou by train on Friday nights or Saturday mornings, and then return on Sunday evenings. Hotel room or serviced Apartment is out of the question as they are far too expensive. Maybe I am just hoping someone with a spare room would be kind enough to put me up for a night or two on a regular basis for an moderate sum that I can afford. As I teach most of Saturdays and Sundays, all I need would be just a single room plus the use of bathroom facility. It'll of course be great if evening meals are provided but not a must. The location ideally should be near KCR/MTR station for convenience, but of course, beggers can't be choosers. Anyway, I'll be no trouble at all as I don't drink and don't smoke.

I may be hoping for too much, but no harm in trying - what you don't ask, you don't get, hay!
Please email me on [email protected] if you can help in anyway. Thanks a lot.