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    I recently went to a small private salon in TST after reading on (somewhere) that she's good. She was fantastic and very inexpensive. I can't remember her name but can be contact on 64487171.

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    For Size Ten Shoes, try Nine West and Rockport in Pacific Place. 9W will call around for you, too. There are also larger shoes at Zara. I find M&S and Zara a bit overpriced for what they are selling. There is also a lady along the escalator with a tiny shop that has "overstock" shoes in larger sizes-I've purchased sandals there. There is another shop in Stanley Mkt. and at the TST entrance to the Star Ferry that has larger sized shoes. I have also been successful at Lane Crawford.

    Otherwise, there is a great guy on Pottinger St. who makes shoes-I had avery nice pair of leather sandals made for $450, they don't speak English, but did good work. It is a nondescript store that makes and sells dance shoes. There are two places near Times Square (Chardonnay and Shoe Girl) who charge from $690-I haven't used them yet, but they seemed fine. There are other places near Times Square, too as well as some near exit D2 in TST (caveat emptor). There is a man in Admiralty who copies well high end shoes for high end prices. Some ladies are quite loyal to them. Meyer Shoes was in the Mandarin, but are now in the Prince's Blg. They also have a loyal clientele.

    For men, the best shoes to be made are in the Prince's Blg. at the corner shop on the 2nd? floor. They make a wood mold of your foot and keep it on file. It takes a month and is reasonable given the quality. They were in the Fleet Arcade many years ago. My husband had shoes made there and was happy. They also make ladies shoes.

    Remember for custommade pieces you can't return them and must be very clear about what you want. As with tailoring, this is sometimes an adventure and you need to be specific yet openminded.

    Now you know all my sources, please don't buy out them out.

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    I also forgot. There are two more shops in IFC-Ann Klein and Joan and David. Both carry size 10 shoes. Joan and David are a well respected brand in the US.

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    hi there sara- kath,
    where in tst does this lady have her salon?

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    Those who recommended Paul Gerrard can someone pls confirm the phone number? I've been calling all day and get the answering machine every time, with a message saying they're open today from 10 til late! I've left a message but no one returns my call.

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