HELP - need exterminator for bed bugs

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    a thought

    Would it make a difference if the bed frame were metal rather than wood?

    Would it make a difference if the sheets were a synthetic rather than a natural fiber?

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    Could well be fleas. I just steamed my mattress and bed frame. If I'm still getting bitten tonight, I'm moving. This is driving me nuts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sasnia:
    Hubbie and I are covered with bed bug bites. Can't believe we still have any blood left after all they've sucked out of us!

    Can't seem to see any on our bed, which is surprising because by now they should all be huge from the nightly feeding - totally gross!

    Anyway, can anyone recommend an exterminator?? Has anyone had bedbugs where the exterminator was able to get rid of them?

    I've heard horror stories about not being able to get rid of these nasty, sneaky pests and I'm freaking out! Help!
    I have had these before and they CAN BE INVISIBLE.

    It requires laundering everything YOU OWNin HOT WASH and HOT DRYER

    Then get the exterminator, take apart the bed, exterminator sprays here and the carpet.

    Wash your mattress in this special rinse - Ask exterminator.

    Keep the aircon on until you are clear it will create a cool DRY environment which they dont like.

    They can come back the next warm season so you just have to be super super clean and DO NOT PUT ANY BAGS OR ANYTHING ON YOUR BED, this is how bed bugs are transferred.

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