Shenzhen - new border crossing

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    I went to Shenzhen with a YWCA group on Tuesday and we used a new border crossing. I think it was called Shenzhen Bay. Is this right ?? Does anyone know ?? I am trying to find it on a map to see if it would make getting to Dafen Art village or Mission hills for golf easire. It was all clean and new with hardly any people going through. There were no queues or holdups and there was a HUGE coach park. Does anyone know where I can find out about car parking ?? It was not like the crossing where I ahve been through before where you need to get back in the bus between the HK border and the china border. You could walk through this one like you would in Lo Wu.

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    are u talking about the boarder point that goes into Shataojiao area of Shenzhen via Fanling or something like that?

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    Shenzhen Bay is correct. I hopped a coach bus into Jiangmen on the 9th and that was used as our entry point.

    The bus took a lightly congested highway that ran along the northwest coast of Kowloon peninsula, traversed a brand-new suspension bridge, and passed over a HK-side oyster farm before reaching the new immigration checkpoint.

    I didn't pay attention to how private cars would fare in this area, but there seemed to be a lot of developed pavement in the vicinity.

    The bus driver reminded us to memorize the plate number and that he'll try to park in a certain numbered stall on the other side of the same building.

    The interior was brightly lit. Approximately 8 manual checkpoint stations and approximately the same number of automated electronic self-serve gates lined the HK side. Beyond that, it took no more than 50 paces to a demarcation on the ground indicating the HK/Shenzhen border and to a similarly setup mainland checkpoint. This was a literal straightforward flow... no rat race mazes to zig around.

    Getting to the old Shenzhen crossing was a 3 hour ordeal. Now, from a Prince Edward starting point to the completed side of Shenzhen Bay took about 1.5 hours.

    On the return trip Thursday night, whatever highway was used between Jiangmen and Shenzhen Bay was at a standstill due in part to patches of construction. My best guess is that it added at LEAST 90 minutes of slow-crawl to what would have been record-breaking travel time.

    If I'd hazard a guess, this might be the Shenzhen Bay crossing:

    [ame=",113.93805&spn=0.018516,0.042 658&t=h&z=15"]Google Maps[/ame]