English student on placement arriving in 6 weeks

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    Smile English student on placement arriving in 6 weeks

    Hello all!

    My name is Patrick, I'm 22yrs and I am moving to HK in six weeks to start a placement job as part of my university course. I'll be working in one of the five Cafe O's and living in sheung wan. I'll be here for a year and was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on -
    cool places to hang out
    if anyone knows what sheung wan is like
    any groups you might recomend joining
    what to expect when I arrive
    places to eat and drink

    My accomodation has been arranged for me so theres no problems there although i've been told to expect a cuople of box rooms with a shower stuck on the side

    Any help with any of this would be much appreciated and if anyone wants to hang out with a english man in hongkong then let me know!



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    it depends on what you're into really. the music scene isn't as lively as it could be, but there are some clubs and gigs for all kinds of music genres.

    Lang Kwai Fong is obviously your hub for bars and booze, but everything is accessible because the public transport is ridiculously awesome. =p dunno about Sheung Wan personally.

    you can pick up HK Magazines at most Starbucks, they have a whole section dedicated to whats going on around Hong Kong for the whole week, has details like which bars have happy hours, movies coming out, all that. =)