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The sound of renovations

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    The sound of renovations

    Sounds of China – The Hammer Drill

    From The Peking Duck

    I am almost certain that everyone who has lived in China has experienced the machine-gun staccato of the hammer drill being used to renovate an apartment in your building. It starts at the crack of dawn and makes sleep literally impossible. The walls shake, the roar of the machine breaks the sound barrier. I think I can say that for everyone it is one of their most unpleasant memories.
    In China it is 7 days a week, so I guess we are lucky in Hong Kong...

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    Don't think it makes much difference really, 6 days, 7 days, you are crazy by the 3rd. My downstairs neighbours had their place renovated last year. Six months it took, to do 700 sq feet of crap that looked like it had been timeshifted from the worst of the 70's. Seriously, how can it take anyone that long to renovate such a tiny space?? Why Jackhammer all day long for weeks on end? there can't have been anything left to jack hammer after the 3rd or 4th week.

    The neighbours moved out for the duration so didn't give a monkeys about the noise, dust, workmen that yelled at the top of their voices into their mobiles from dawn to dusk - when the jack hammers weren't going that is. Six months of wandering round malls, my enduring memories are of a succession of bad starbucks coffees and daydreams of sweet revenge once they moved back in.

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