Wan Chai bouncer assault, early Sun. 11 May?

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    there are always some loony bouncers, i know a few of them. LOL. The bouncers in Neptunes are Filipinos and one or two Chinese, the management is Chinese, does that place have triad protection, Well the triads only pick on Chinese run establishments, the westerner run places they usually dont bother, u can answer that yourself.

    Bouncers usually kick off if the person is so drunk that he thinks he can take them all on which does happen sometimes, they usually just throw the guy out but u get some large westerners that are taller than 6ft weighing in over 200 lbs and new to Hk or Asia and they see these 5ft bouncers and they think they can have a go, which usually is a big mistake. Seen it plenty of times.

    If u get thrown out even if its not your fault, just move on, plenty of bars and women around in Wan Chai. Well that is how I think when i go out. No need for the aggro, its their loss.

    Have fun and stay safe.

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    The masses have spoken. That's right, superheros only exist in movies.
    Or in this case they would only be found in the hospital.