Need help creating a tombstone for a theatre play!

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    Need help creating a tombstone for a theatre play!

    I need to create something that looks like a tombstone, for example made out of styrofoam... somehow authentic. It does need some words engraved on it.

    There are a couple of DIY stores in HK, but I have no artistic abilities and no time to build one by myself.

    Are there any creative people / companies you can think of? I would need the "stone" by mid of next week....

    I know that many American costume / halloween websites sell tombstones, but they rather look crappy and the shipping to HK is very expensive (around 100US); apart from this they dont customize them.

    You support is much appreciated!

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    Paper Mache seems more in order:

    Google offers up various how-to links. eg:

    for the initial basic overall form, simply use large shredded strips of newsprint over some sort of mold (old suitcase, etc)

    After the large structure has dried, apply a layer of pulped paper mache. You can try sourcing this from the confetti pieces of an office's cross-cut shredder. Pulped paper mache ought to permit sculpting large letters in the tombstone.

    Once it's all dried, the overall rough nature of paper mache ought to make it suitable for painting to look like stone from a distance.

    From visiting craft stores in the U.S., I know some manufacturers (Krylon) make a line of spraypaint to simulate various kinds of stone (concrete, granite, marble, etc). This last part might be more challenging to find in HK. Failing that, there are ways of using shades of normal paint along with an airbrush to create the same effect.