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Recommendation request: move-in cleaning service

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimwy66:
    Would have been quicker to have cleaned it yourself to your own exacting standards. Guess I just don't get people's aversion to mops once they land in HK.
    It's just an issue of time. 3 men at 3 hours works to 9 hrs or 1 man day. I *could* have spent an entire day cleaning my floors or I could use that time unpacking, buying furniture and other kinds of shopping. If I had gone straight to Johnson - it would have saved me a lot of effort for sure though.

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    So the moral of this story is to listen to Rani when she speaks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by yetanotherlogin:
    My place is a bit over 900 sq ft (net) and Johnson charged about 2,000 HKD. So given the size of my place it's quite a bit to clean a small apartment compared to other services (like Merry Maids or whatever).
    Not cheap indeed, but thanks anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gruntfuttock:
    Because they don't also suffer from OCD?
    I don't have OCD, I just prefer to not have black mould growing on the shower and filthy grout on the floors. Both of which can be readily rectified with a bit of work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nassaugirl:
    I would agree with this. The standards of cleanliness are extremely low here. I saw some things in my apartment when I moved in, which looked as if they hadn't been cleaned in years. Why people would want to look at obvious dirt and ignore it, I'm not sure.

    Buy a steam cleaner and have at it. It will clean the place very well. After that, its worth getting a regular maid service. But ultimately it seems, any deep cleaning is up to you. So start as you'll have to go on!
    I once moved into an apartment on Old Peak Road and thought the colour of the kitchen countertop was unusual - a rather deep grey. The first time I took my Swipe and a scourer to it, I discovered it was actually a normal WHITE countertop.
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    I must be one of the lucky ones. I moved into a apartment on Robinson road a stop gap measure when I first arrived here from London. The place was spotless aired and sweet smelling. You could see your face in the parquet flooring.

    I remember my partner saying as she ran a finger over the second floor railings no need for a maid we will be outta here before it's dirty.

    I can't believe anyone would move into a dirty apartment. Call me naive but isn't this the landlords responsibility? Insist. Better still get someone from the office if you dont have a relocation company to do a complete check before you arrive.

    I hope you get it all cleaned up to your standards. Im rather shocked about this.

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    Following your advice, I contacted Johnson, and they give me a quote of 15,000 HK dollars for a 750 square food apartment. I just moved in two months ago, so the apartment is not very dirty, especially I am a very clean person and all furnitures are new.

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