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    going to UK

    I know this sounds a bit strange but I recently visited London for about 1 month, and I really love the place. I just checked out that I should be qualified as a highly skilled migrant so...apparently, I can apply as a migrant to live and work in UK.

    I am earning somewhat close to $50,000 per month in HK. I mean, if I am willing to travel by tube and train for work, if I am wanting to live in a quiet safe suburb, and I just cook myself most of the time...oh yes, I am single and will be alone. What should I expect my salary in UK should be for this ?kind of life um....I haven't figured out which area to settle down though and I understand costs of living could be very different across different cities.

    I am hoping to hear some advice from you. I am in my early 30s. I understand this is a major decision, so....I am writing here. Looking forward to hear from all fellows. I haven't really made any big step in my life, things come too naturally. What I have been wanting so much for, like getting an overseas scholarship, always disappointed me at the very last minute.

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    London is far from cheap as you may well know.
    Without knowing what sort of role you will be doing then its next to impossible to suggest what kind of salary you need to ask for.

    Rent in a nice suburb will cost you over $15000 hk a month and you won't be looking at your own place either.

    Cost of transportation on the underground is also not cheap either, look at $1500 hk or so for a monthly travelcard.

    After living/working there for the past 8 years I'm glad i'm out of there to be honest.

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    Re:going to UK

    It's no strange at all as I'm planning back too. if you earn HKD50K in HK, I think you shall expect 30%-50% more in London.
    Yeah the transportation is really expensive there. like the taxi in central london is almost unaffordable.
    But life isn't that hard either.
    I'm going to move back to upper hill in Harrow, a town that is 40-min away from central london by subway. It's a very quiet and beautiful place.
    For me, the living cost in London is no higher than in HK. I can always get pretty and cheap clothes in High street. and the dining costs are only slightly higher than the fine dining in HK. same situation applies to a crazy night in club. Oh and you can get a call taxi home at a very reasonable price afterwards. last summer, it took me 16 pounds back to Harrow.
    The most important, I just wanna live a normal and simple life in UK again.

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    I guess you already know, but monetary wise:

    Income tax is approx 22% up to the £36k (a year) margin, then 40% for amounts above that.

    Basic capital gains tax will affect you probably through sales of large items (like a house), and that will probably apply at 40% for you also.

    Having a holiday, and living/working in a place are generally quite different though, so if you haven't migrated around before, you may want to try that short term first.

    Some of the nicer central ish areas that I've lived in or had friends around that are tree-lined and moderate/high priced are:

    Belsize Park, Chelsea, Fulham, St. John's Wood, Hampstead Heath.

    I'd mention others, but you can do your own research I guess.

    You'd be looking at about £1000 - £1200 a month for those - possibly sharing a house / flat with others, it depends on the location really.

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