Divorce lawyer for internatinal case

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    Divorce lawyer for internatinal case


    I know this has been asked here before but most information was sent by PM, so any advice, PM would be appreciated.

    My friend needs a divorce lawyer for a bit of a complicated case:

    She got married in Singapore to a Westerner, she has PRC passport. They do not live together since over 3 years and her kid is staying with her. She is working in HKG now for around 2 years, so no physical contact between her and her husband.
    She asked the guy for over a year now to sign the legal papers for a divorce and full custody for the kid, but he always has another excuse for not filing the paperwork.
    She is not looking for any money, not even alimony for the child. Just the divorce and custody. Her still husband is currently working in Southeast Asia, she has his employers address, but not his private address.

    As there seems to be now way the guy is giving in peacefully, I think the only chance is a good lawyer, also to bring security for her kid.

    Any advice on a good lawyer who can handle this kind of international thing would be highly appreciated.


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