Riding Stables in HK?...also rabbit info?

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    Riding Stables in HK?...also rabbit info?

    I am wondering if anyone knows anything about approximate prices of riding and/or keeping a horse in HK. I've found a few websites for the Hong Kong Equestrian Federation, and a site for a public riding stable in Tuen Mun, but no reference to prices anywhere. Can anyone help?

    On a different note, has anyone moved to HK with a rabbit? I have two pet bunnies who will be coming with me, and I have heard that they will have to fly cargo. I've checked out the export-a-pet website, but I'm still a bit nervous to send them cargo.

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    Riding School Info:


    Their prospectus includes pricing information.

    I'd not worry too much about sending pets by cargo -- done all the time.

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    Hi there,

    I used to ride out at Tuen Mun and the lessons are $300 for an hour's lesson.

    We came to HK with our 2 cats and whilst they say the animals travel as cargo they do actually travel in the hold but in a specially heated part of the hold, our cats arrived safe and sound and none the worse for their trip.

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    There's also a riding school in Pokfulam which may be easier to get to if you'll be living on HK island (but less fun than the NT schools)