Coming to Hong Kong for New Year...

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    Coming to Hong Kong for New Year...


    My name's Jonathan, I'm 26 years old and I come from London. I've spontaneously decided in the last few days to come to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year. I'll be coming on my own, arriving on Feb 8th and leaving on Feb 13th.

    Whilst I've travelled before on my own and always managed to meet people I'm staying in a hotel and have recently found out that Chinese New Year is not the best time to come as everything shuts!!

    Therefore if you know of any general expat excursions or you fancy meeting for a drink or have any info you can give me on what to do when I'm here then it would be nice to hear from you!


    Jon. [email protected]

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    Someone reply :-(

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    Not sure about the meet for a drink around CNY. Have visitors.

    Best options.. hit Lan Kwai Fong. There will be plenty of singles willing to mingle.