Buying a Used Car in HK

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    Buying a Used Car in HK

    Can anyone tell me the correct process for buying a used car in Hong Kong? What is the paperwork which must be filled out if buying privately as well as any checks you should do re: registration, insurance and also to validate ownership. Also are there any recomendations as to the best places on-line (or otherwise) to find a variety of good quality, good value used cars for sale? We are new to HK and would appreciate any advice before we start the search!

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    Fairly easy to transfer vehicles.

    This should be a good starting point to figure out what documents you need.

    Good sources (other than our new classifieds!) .. SCMP classifieds, the Auto Malls (be warned that you have to negotiate and some dealers might not speak good english.. but they will negotiate!)

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    I got them to agree to a pre-purchase inspection by a car mechanic that came recommended. Only then, I went on to negociate on price etc etc.

    For me the history of the car is most important. Price as important ...

    I've found out, as in most countires car dealers are car dealers, are car dealers. Go in firm but polite, and do not commit till you're absolutely sure, do not be allowed to be pushed around.

    They know what you want to hear. Good luck mate !

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