We are planning to move to HK next month and would be living in a Service Appt. for one month initially.

Based on a Budget of HKD 18000-25000, we would be looking for a studio appartment. We would be a couple travelling with one infant.

I have shortlisted a few like The Putman, Bauhimia at Central and Shama, Mcdonnel Towers, Floral Towers, Lily Blossom, Peach Blossom and Sherwood court at Midlevels.

Can anyone share their experiences with any of these apartments before we decide.

We would basically want a place with proper kitchen (prefer cooking for the month, especially for the infant and just a microwave would not be enough) and a drive in taxi space (for us to move our stuff later to the rented place). Any additionals like swimming pool, in room washer and dryer are welcome.