Where can i make business card in Central?

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    Where can i make business card in Central?

    Hi everyone,
    I need to make some business card (urgently) before 9am tommorrow, any1 know any place where i can get this done in central?>?

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    Go the street in between Bonham Strand and Wing On Shopping Center in Sheung Wan. Dozens of small shops in one of the lanes which will gladly take a photoshop file or make a simple card for you within a few hours.

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    I've found Frances at Time Studio to be uncommonly helpful. Her English is pretty good too.

    280 Queens Rd Central, next to Cafe O and Park n Shop.
    2543 2200

    They also seem to be open very late (I've seen them open at 11pm) so they might be able to do a rush job for you. Might cost a bit more though.

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