i want a studio...worth it?

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    i want a studio...worth it?

    Within the next few weeks, i'll be applying for a work visa, and if i get it, then i'm staying here for good, or at least until i get fired and deported.

    In which case, i want to start looking into having my own photo studio.

    i cant really afford (or more dont see the point in paying $250+ per hour) for someone elses studio when i could own my own.

    I knew a guy who was opening a studio in kowloon tong and he said he was paying 7k a month.
    For that price, i would actually live in my studio and forget paying rent for a flat

    but anyway, is it worth it?

    I want somewhere where i can practice, or shoot personal projects any time of the day or night.
    Somewhere where i can blast my music out without worrying about people being asleep.

    But assuming i can find somewhere, sign a binding contract for what, 18 months? then fix it up, i doubt i'll get any actual paid work - or more i wouldnt know how to go about getting paid work.

    Any ideas/advice?

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    well if it's around 7k, and you plan to live there as well, then yes, it's worth it. otherwise, i'd really think about it especially if you're planning to just use it to practice and such...photographers are pretty much a cent a piece here seeing that everyone has a DSLR now... and getting paid work (for studio shots) can be tough...best market to get into for paid photography work is events (boring imo!)