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An Expat's Old Books

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    An Expat's Old Books

    The books I had before going to live abroad were stored in a cupboard in the home of my sister and brother-in-law. As personal libraries go it wasn't very large, about 350 books. I had a list of them. Although some of them hadn't been in my hands for many years, I could still mentally feel them, see them, and smell them.

    My sister wrote saying that, because of changes in their home, she could no longer keep them.

    - "My feeling is that if you haven't wanted them all these years, they probably aren't wanted."

    I wrote back with a list of about 30 books I asked her to keep, a short list of about 10 that really mattered to me, and a longer list that I hoped she would keep.

    To her great credit, she did it.

    - "It is an extremely time consuming job. The dining-table in the lounge is covered with your books! ... I can't believe you had a list!"

    - "It would have been very easy, or rather relatively easy, to take all the books and throw them out. But I am having to sift through them...We'll get it done but X (her husband) did his rubbish and this is yours!"

    - "All done! Dining-table is all clear!"

    The rest of the books went to a charity shop. I used to write the date of purchase in the front endpapers of my books. Next week in a charity shop someone will pick up an old Penguin and see, written in fountain pen, in a schoolboy's joined-up handwriting, December 1965, and think, "Poor old fellow, I suppose he's dead now."

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    We are and we do not know what to do with those books, so we just put them beside the recycle bin hoping someone would do something about them.
    It is so hard to let them go, so now I only buy ebooks.

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    Books are tough. I'm losing money on storage for about 2000 books, but it's only money. I'll just eventually drive a cheaper car.

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    I got rid of so many books when I moved to HK unfortunately. My gf at the time kept them there, she's now my Ex and got rid of them when we broke up. I had some really good books in there, limited and signed editions, some people don't understand the personal value of books.
    I guess that's one advantage of having a kindle.

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    We have thousands of my Dad's books I need to sort out. And a huge stamp collection too.