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Travel Gear in Honk Kong?

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    Travel Gear in Honk Kong?

    Hello - I am currently living in Tanzania, and have decided to do some traveling in Asia. Unfortunately, I don't have the appropriate luggage for long term travel with me and I can't buy anything here. Could anyone recommend a place in Hong Kong to purchase a high quality travel backpack? It will be my first destination after leaving Africa. Thanks!

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    Google the following places with the name "Hong Kong"

    Chamonix equipment
    RC Outfitters
    Racing the Planet (they have a big online store which should give you an idea of stock)

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    Thank you for your response - this is very helpful! Appreciate it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by denise21:
    Thank you for your response - this is very helpful! Appreciate it!
    where are you staying in hong kong, we can narrow down the list to nearest stockiest, ie, if in hk island, it seems there are a lot of specialist stores, if in Kowloon, there are a few larger stores in mong kok

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    Thank you for your response! I'm actually not sure where I'm staying yet - I haven't gotten that far. Since I just decided on this trip I wanted to first make sure I'd be able to solve my luggage situation. It sounds like there are options in HK so that is great news! I will be touring around a lot of the city so I can head anywhere to shop. If you have any recommendations on best place to head let me know. I'd love to find something at the first place I try!