In Costa Rica, cars didn't stop at red lights. Traffic laws were merely a suggestion. Our taxi literally made an illegal right turn from the left lane, cutting off a police car. Nothing happened. We were amazed!

When we were in Hong Kong and China, especially in China, we had to run for our lives every time we went across a street. If seemed vehicles in China had the right-a-way but not pedestrians. Then we came to realize that with the amount of foot traffic in China, if a vehicle would stop and yield to pedestrians, it would be waiting there past midnight. The stream of pedestrians was just non-stopped at every intersection.

We had to hold on to our dear lives while riding in a taxi cab. Surprised that there weren't more traffic accidents in China with the way they drove. One car insisted on cutting in, while the other insisted that he didn't. It was really a hair raising experience!!!

Road rage doesn't seem to exist even though drivers in China drove very rudely and constantly laying on their horns. We had never witnessed any drivers giving a "finger" to another either. As a matter of fact, neither driver would look at each other even though they had just cut each other off and blew their horns violently. If the same situation happened in the USA, I can't imagine how many fist fights and shootings would occur.