visiting HK, want to experience the life, what to do?

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    visiting HK, want to experience the life, what to do?


    I'm flying to HK for a week, while there I'll be interviewing and trying to get a sense of what my life would be like there. So what should I do? Where should I go?

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    If I were you, I would look at apartments in the area(s) where I anticipated living and within my expected budget. Depending where you're from, HK-style apartments might present a bit of a shock.

    Taking a tape measure, a pen (for notes on the floor plans realtors will hand you), and a digital camera so that you'll be able to reflect on the size and fit/finish of accommodations once you're back at home and your memories of HK have faded a bit might also not be such a bad idea.

    Best of luck!

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    Another exercise that you could perform would be to save a copy of a typical grocery list and bring it with you.

    After you check out an/some apartment(s), ask the realtor to point you at the nearest supermarket (Wellcome or a ParknShop). Try to find the things on your list (and compare prices). Many of the items that you couldn't find there, you would likely be able to get from one of the "Western-style" supermarkets like CitySuper (a handful of locations throughout HK) or at Oliver's (one, in Central).

    Some things, like decent (soft, non-abrasive) toilet tissue are quite hard to find. For that, my wife and I go to yet another place - Gateway in Sheung Wan.

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    Depends where you're coming from

    If you're coming from a huge city- then briandon is right, get a sense of the apartments and building styles (old Chinese vs new and shiny expat, vs medium old and huge), and a grocery trip- but if like us, you're coming from a middle-sized city/ suburb...

    Take some time to walk around the areas, and experience the craziness of the crowds, take the MTR and a couple of busses. Once you're shocked by how busy and crowded everything is, hopefully you have some time to explore the natural side of the island. The beaches are very cool, there's amazing hiking, and we're still shocked by the views that are everywhere. We were expecting the small places and the limited grocery selection, its actually better than we expected, but have been thrilled with the strange combination of big city, and outdoor stuff. We moved from Philadelphia/ Jersey Shore, and had a big yard, lush green parks everywhere, but didn't do near as much outdoor exploring as we've done here. That will likely fade as we continue to get acclimated, but for now, its a nice perk.
    Anyway- good luck!

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    good ideas

    Thanks for the ideas!

    I live in Manhattan in a 500 sq ft walkup, so I hope HK won't be too much of a shock.

    A decision on my job will probably be made before I leave. If I take the job I'll be back in HK in a month/6 weeks. Is there anything I should buy or arrange before returning to the States?

    Any good hangouts to get a sense of the HK-expat social scene?

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    yr visit

    for the social side of things try Lan Kwai Fong for bars and Soho for restaurants. If you have time, head out to Sai Kung for a different view of HK

    If you want to meet up with people to ask specific questions about living in HK or to find people with similar out of work interests as you post a message - there's bound to be a few people free during your visit.

    Good luck!