Updated news: August Sky in Burma─20 years after the 8888 uprising

Exactly 20 years ago this month, thousands of Burma’s suffering people peacefully gathered in the streets expressing their desire for democracy and respect for human rights. This peaceful and rightful demand was met with brutal force by the military government. Today, the issues for which the people in Burma marched in 1988 have still not been attained. Violent repression of peaceful protests, suppression of freedom of expression, arbitrary detention of dissident... The path to these goals resides in the respect for the dignity and equality of each human being that is expressed through nurturing and upholding the human rights of every man, woman and child in Burma.

1. August Sky in Burma – 20 years after the 8888 uprising demonstration
Date: August 6, 2008 (Wednesday)
Meeting time : 10:30am
Meeting place: Hang Seng Bank at Wanchai MTR Station
Activity : Demonstrate and pass petition letter to The Consulate General of Myanmar (Burma) (Address: Room 2436, Sun Hung Kai Centre, 30 Harbour Road, Wanchai). A press conference will be held right after the demonstration.

2. August Sky in Burma – 20 years after the 8888 uprising forum
Date: August 6, 2008 (Wednesday)
Time: 7pm
Venue: Kowloon Union Church (4, Jordan Road, Kowloon)
Speaker: Nyo Ohn Myint (Burmese human rights activist in exile)

Nyo Ohn Myint is a Burmese human rights activist who is also a member of the '88 Generation and a member of the National League for Democracy (NLD).
3. August Sky in Burma – Photo Exhibition
Date: August 7, 2008 (Thursday)
Time: 7-9 pm
Location: Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry
The above activities are organized by the HK Coalition for a Free Burma*, we sincerely invite you to join us, and show your support to the people in Burma who courageously fight for human rights!

* AIHK is one of the members of the Coalition.


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活動更正:緬甸的八月天 ─ 8888學運廿週年遊行/論壇


二十年前的八月,成千上萬處於水深 熱的緬甸人民和平上街,為的是爭取 主與人權。他們的要求卻被軍政府血 腥鎮壓。今天,廿年前緬甸人民爭取 理想仍未實現 - 和平示威遭武力鎮壓、言論自由受鉗 、異見人士被無理拘押…只有人權得 尊重,緬甸人民爭取的理想才有機會 實現。

1. 緬甸的八月天 ─ 8888學運廿週年遊行
內容:遊行及遞交請願信至緬甸駐港 領事館(地址:灣仔港灣道30號新鴻基 心2436室),並於遊行後,即場舉行記 招待會

2. 緬甸的八月天 ─ 8888學運廿週年論壇

與民運參與者對話 - 八八民運研討會

地點:九龍佑寧堂 (九龍佐敦道4號)
講者:姚傲敏(Nyo Ohn Myint) (流亡海外之緬甸人權活躍份子,88年 會運動之活躍份子,亦是緬甸政黨全 民主聯盟之成員。)

3. 認識緬甸圖片展覽
日期︰8月7 日(星期四)

以上活動由香港爭取緬甸自由聯盟*主 ,現誠邀你的參與,支持勇敢地為人 權站起來的緬甸人民!

* 國際特赦組織(香港)乃聯席成員

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