wood working workshop

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    wood working workshop

    I am looking for a wood working workshop that rents out by the hour/day/ week. Its impossible to set up a workshop at home. I can't even drill a hole in the wall to hang up paintings without getting complaints from my neighbors. I just need the basic wood working equipment to make simple wooden furniture and toys.

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    Wood Workshop

    Hi All,
    We just move to Hk and my Boyfriend has a birthday in the coming days.
    He start to do a lot of design work & creating some new furnitures

    I want to find a wood workshop for him so somone can teach him & show him the actual work...the real thing

    It could be a day event or more then that...

    Does anyone know where can I find this kind of places? Or even a design person that can spend some hours with him, with payment of course....
    Thank you all ...