Downloading In HK

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    Downloading In HK

    Ok, downloading copyrighted stuff is ILLEGAL anywhere in the world. When i was in the UK I downloaded almost daily (mostly movies so i can watch in the evenings). But now I am in HK I kinda've restrained my self from downloading because of some stories ppl have told me.

    Strange thing is that I did not worry about repercussions when downloading in the UK, but then again that could have been due to lack of warnings, prosecutions, bad press etc.

    But now im in a new country I feel i need to "test the waters" so to speak before i strat downloading again.

    What i would like to know, what kind of threats have been imposed on illegal
    downloaders, punishments, etc.

    The stories I've heard is that a few guys in HK have been severely fined (or jailed?) for hard-core file sharing. But then again like most stories in HK, its probably made up to deter people from doing the wrong thing. I would'nt exactly call myself a hardcore filesharer, but would occasionally like to get a few films (especially the old ones) games and apps.

    What are you Views, Opinions or even stories?

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    Like most places, you're ok, till you get caught.

    Would you go around smashing car windows if you knew it was ilegal? Not the hardcore type.. the one a week type walk past a car and casually throw a stone into the window?

    Two things

    -- Not going to allow this discussion to continue, as only a lawyer can tell you after looking at specifics -- about the legality of your actions.

    -- I get a feeling we don't need to be called upon as witnesses.

    Take it to one of the other chat sites please.