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    Does anyone know of an artist (local or international) who would like do a large scale wall painting for a school here in Hong Kong?

    We would love to have an artist come paint one of the walls of our school building (indoors). It is a beautiful brand new building (but very empty), and we are hoping that the wall painting would help make the space come alive and more vibrant.

    Any information will be appreciated, as we have been searching but without luck.

    Thank you!

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    Dear, Sir

    i have read your above attachment regarding job for painting.i will be very much thankful. If you could invite me for a interview.My contact # 97643736 or e-mail [email protected].

    Best regards

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    There is a guy that paints on the street during the daytime on Hollywood Rd, just next to the Press Room/Centrestage. I'm no critic, but his stuff looks pretty good to me- versatile, interesting and most importantly he doesn't descend into the neo-Communist crap that so fills the Hollywood Rd galleries.

    I've been assuming that he's actually attached to a gallery, but I don't know which one. If you're interested I can find his contact details next time I see him. PM me if you want me to.