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    Hello there guys,

    I'm new to the forums. I'm 19, at the moment I'm trying to look for an apartment that my band and I can use as a practice room/studio. We don't need anything fancy, just a one-bedroom for under 5-6k a month, fairly good condition. The apartment should be around Lantau, Kowloon or Hong Kong.

    Basically, could anyone direct us to any owners, agencies, etc that offer some cheap apartments. Any other help would be awesome, we're kinda new to this stuff. If any owners are interested please contact me, or if you have some information, would love to see that too!



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    What a way to piss off the neighbours lol

    Can't you hire a music room as and when needed? All the new developments should have a music room that can be hired by residents or friends of residents

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    Haha, well obviously we'd wall it up with sound-proof material and make sure we don't make too much noise!

    The reason we don't want to hire a music room is because it's too unreliable. So many times we'll call and they'll be busy. We need a place for ourselves. Plus eventually, we may use it as a place to live.